Turner’s Syndrome Questions
(Answer True or False, Short Answer, Multiple Choice or Fill-In-the-Blanks)
1: Turner's Syndrome is preventable.a. True b. False
2. What are two treatments available for Turner’s Syndrome?
3. Turner’s Syndrome can be inherited by either of your parents.
a. True b. False
4. A person with Turner's Syndrome is missing (blank).
a. A sex chromosome
b. One of Chromosome 13
c. Both Chromosome 18
5. Turner’s Syndrome is the most common disorder for (blank).
6. Turner Syndrome occurs when there is an error during (blank).
7. Common characteristics of Turner’s include:
a. Short stature
b. Webbed Neck
c. A learning disorder
d. Both A and B
8. About 1/3 of all Turner’s Syndrome patients are born with a defect in the (blank).